If you are unhappy with your work and want to look for something else, it can be really important to decide if you want to stay within or leave your industry. 

Irene Marshall_Tip Call Out -4 Reasons Why You Should Stay In Your Own Industry

It might be easy to consider why you want to leave but harder to decide why you should maybe stay. 

1. You already have a professional network of people who are in your industry. It is true that most jobs get filled by someone helping someone else network into a company.

2. You already have the education and professional training to be successful in your field. These took time, money, and your energy to get. Will that effort becomes irrelevant if you move to another industry?   

3. Your compensation might drop if you move to another industry. If part of your pay is recognition of the value of your experience in the industry, that might drop if you change. 

4. There might be more risk to move to a different industry. The old expression of “the grass is always greener on the other side.” is very true. 

I am a career coach. These are the types of issues that I help people think through. Sometimes making a decision not to change might be the best option. If you are not sure of what else you can do, schedule a free call with me, and we can discuss. I can help you put together a plan.