One time I went to an event that included an exhibition of herding dogs who were in a fenced enclosure.

Someone brought in a gaggle of a dozen ducks. They were standing in the middle of the enclosure when the dogs were released one at a time. They herded the ducks into a portable pen at the edge of the enclosure.

Irene Marshall_Tip Call Out -Is it the breed, the training or the personality that make a good herding dog

It was really fun! After they were done with the ducks, now they did it again with sheep.

All the dogs did the herding differently. Border collies crouch down and stare at the animals. Others just run around barking to force the ducks and sheep to where they were supposed to go.

The announcer explained how to understand the herding.

It has to do with breeding. Different breeds use different techniques.

It had to do with training and experience. Some were novices, and others clearly knew what they were doing.

It has to do with personality. Some dogs just liked the herding better than others.

So why has that stayed with me in my work of helping people get jobs?

Sometimes I have clients who are just not well matched for their work.

Maybe they are real introverts in a high-intensity outside sales position.

Maybe they didn’t really have the right training, so they are not actually performing very well. 

Or maybe they just don’t like the work.

I am a poster child for that. I am best suited for project work. Being a resume writer and a coach is a good fit for me. It freaks me out to be in a situation that requires extensive multi-tasking.

I am a career coach, and these are the types of things I discuss with my clients. Are they doing work that is a good match for who they are?

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