Did you play music when you were a kid? Or sports? Or theater?

Families often try to make these activities available for their children because they teach life lessons that really make a difference for people as adults..

Irene Marshall_Tip Call Out - Did you play music when you were a kid

My grandmother started giving me piano lessons when I was four. I learned how to play music around the same time that I learned how to read. I played all the way through high school. It was a natural part of my life.

What other things did I learn besides the actual music? What has helped to make me who I am now?

Discipline was definitely at the top of the list.

I really was not always a willing and happy student. I had to actually practice the music to learn how to play it. It didn’t just happen. My grandmother set very clear expectations. It was not optional.

There are two types of discipline in music.

One is about just practicing and being prepared for rehearsals and concerts.

But understanding how to stay focused was also part of what I learned. Music is physical and mental, and it is really easy to get distracted.

I learned these things because my grandmother and parents insisted on it.

Those lessons have stayed with me. I used to be an accountant, and now I am a resume writer. Being disciplined and focused has been part of what has made me good at my work.

So what did you do as a child that taught you discipline and other life lessons?

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