I am always curious about how people come into their current profession. Was it by intent or by serendipity?

There is always a story. If you had a degree in criminal justice, but now you are in sales, how did that happen? Why did you move away from your formal education and towards another role requiring a different skillset and training? Are you happy with that shift?

Irene Marshall_Tip Call Out - How did you choose the work you do

One time I was talking with my dermatologist when she was working on my face.

As I often do, I asked why she decided to become a dermatologist. What drew her to that particular discipline? Is she happy with that decision?

Her answer was clear. She knew that she was good with her hands since she was a child. And she wanted to be the type of doctor who talks directly with patients. So being a dermatologist made sense. And she liked that the results of much of her work were visible to the patient and others.

I didn’t know her husband was also a physician. She told me that he always knew he wanted to be in medicine. He realized in medical school that he was most at ease working with people during surgery without direct interaction. He just focused on what they needed medically.

So, he is now an anesthesiologist!

It makes me laugh every time I think about our conversation.

Is your current work a good fit for your personality?

If not, can you identify the problem? What might be a better choice for you?

I am a career coach, and these are the types of conversations I have with people. If you are not sure of what else you can do, schedule a free call with me, and we can discuss. I can help you put together a plan.