How will a professional resume writer decide to accept you as a new client? It varies, but no writer can be the best resource for everyone. 

We have to decide if we are qualified based on past training and experience. But sometimes, we have to get out of our comfort zone to accept a “stretch” project.    

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All writers decide how to specialize and what clients to serve.  

  • Is there a rapport with the person during an initial conversation? The writing is collaborative, so there must be good communication. 
  • Will the person be able to set aside enough time to focus on the writing? It often is more challenging than what people expect. Extended projects are problematic. 

Then we have to decide if we are actually qualified to write. We have to understand enough about a target job to understand the hiring criteria. How will a hiring manager pick you instead of someone else?  

One time two prospective clients came to me. Each was a pharmacist with a PhD. I declined both. I can’t write if I need a dictionary! I had no idea how Kaiser or other healthcare providers would choose one over the other. It was impossible for me to set up a writing strategy.  

I have been a professional resume writer since 2003, and I have written more than 2,000 resumes and other career documents. I am a generalist because I like to write all the way from new grads up to C-suite executives. 

But I really do have to decide for each person if I am both qualified and interested in taking them on as a client. If you would like to discuss your resume click this link to my scheduler. I look forward to speaking.