What do you really need from a new job? 

Are the benefits or the salary the most important?

Irene Marshall_Tip Call Out -Can the benefits of the job be more important than the salary

One time I had a client who had been laid off. She was totally stressed about looking for a new job.  

Her daughter was a star player on the high school basketball team. 

But the mom had to provide documentation of healthcare coverage for her daughter to play. She could not bear the thought of having to tell her daughter she would be sidelined since this was non-negotiable with the school. 

She absolutely had to get the insurance. Then she would manage their money the best that she could.   

I met the daughter, and she was a very impressive young woman. Now I understood why the insurance was so important.  

  • Before you start a job search, think about benefits. Make a list of “must-have,” “would be nice,” and “don’t need.” 
  • Review the full benefits package of your current (or recent) job. What benefits did you take?
  • When you are considering an offer for a new job, ask about the benefits package and consider that as much as the actual salary.  

And remember, everything is negotiable!   

Do you have a strategy? I can help you. I am an interview coach, and these are the types of issues I discuss with my clients. Click this link to my scheduler. I look forward to speaking.