Have you thought you were prepared for an interview, but you forgot something?

Sometimes the most obvious things are not obvious.

If you are interviewing with a company that has a product or a service, it is important to personally experience what that is.

Irene Marshall_Tip Call Out -Are You Missing The Obvious When Preparing For An Interview?

I was helping someone apply for a CEO position at a natural history museum in Chicago. I asked what he thought about the museum. He had never been there! Yikes! That was a problem! I insisted that he visit the museum before the interview.

He was very glad he did that. The interviewer said that the coffee shop was not bringing in much revenue. He was able to respond that the menu selection wasn’t very good and the ambiance was not inviting. What could he have said if he had never been there?

Another client was interviewing for a company that sold sports clothes with special fabric that worked as a wick for sweat. What did he think? Yikes! He had never worn any of the clothes. I told him he absolutely had to buy a shirt, run around the block and get sweaty!

If I were the person interviewing, I would never consider hiring someone who hadn’t even done the basics to learn about what the company was all about.

Are you missing the obvious when preparing for an interview? I can help you. I am an interview coach, and these are the types of issues I discuss with my clients. Click this link to my scheduler. I look forward to speaking. 

Are You Missing The Obvious When Preparing For An Interview?