The “About” section of your LinkedIn profile is really interesting. It is an opportunity to somehow connect the personal part of your life with the professional. It can be as personal or not, depending on what makes you comfortable to share.

Also, it can hold up to 2,600 characters/spaces, so there actually is room for storytelling.

I have a set of questions that I give to my clients to help them think about stories we can weave into a narrative about themselves. There have been some really fun stories to be told. But I can start with the narrative for my own “About” section.

Irene Marshall_Tip Call Out -What about the “about” section on your LinkedIn profile


I had an eclectic career until I turned 50. I was in accounting, finance, sales, marketing, and two family businesses. Also, I had an MBA. I didn’t know what I should be doing.

That changed when I was hired by Robert Half as a recruiter. I realized that I could make a difference by helping people get new jobs and manage their careers.

It was an epiphany. I was standing at a fax machine to get a job offer for someone. I understood what my real Work is, and I have never looked back.

Also, I work with clients in different stages of their careers and different professions and industries. I understand the hiring process.

People always say they have more confidence after working with me.

So now you know a little bit more about me! And as a professional resume writer, it is fun to do this type of writing!

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