When would you like to start your new job? Is it farther out than the normal two weeks after you have given notice to your current employer?

Irene Marshall_Tip Call Out -How do you push back on the start date for your new job

What can you do to make this happen?  

Pre-arranged family plans: Sometimes, plans have already been paid for. Most of the time, the hiring company will honor that rather than forcing you to cancel. But….

It is very, very important to get an acknowledgment of that in your written offer letter. Something like this.  

Irene Marshall’s start date on the new job of xxx is July 1st. However, it is understood that there are family plans that have already been paid for. The week between July 15 – July 19 will be at no pay because vacation time will not have been accrued. 

You might need a break for some downtimeYou can tell the hiring company that you need some personal time beyond the two weeks to refresh and regroup. Or maybe, you want to start the new job fully energized. 

Many companies will honor that because they also want you to be ready to dive in on your first day.     

Timing: Sometimes, the timing might not be possible. Maybe the company really needs you to attend the annual sales meeting held the third week in January. 

Recruiter: Sometimes, a recruiter can negotiate the start date on your behalf.  

It never hurts to ask! You need a strategy on how to handle this subject, but the best time really is when the offer is being negotiated. 

Could you use some help making decisions such as when to start your new job? That is the type of coaching I do with my clients. You can schedule a call with me; there is no charge for a consultation.