Did you know a signing bonus will “make you whole” if you leave before the stock options mature.  

One time I worked for a startup artificial intelligence company. I received a small amount of stock because I was not very high up on the totem poll at the time.  

Irene Marshall_Tip Call Out -Are your stock options worth more than your salary

My husband, Curtis, and I bought a house for $123K in San Francisco Bay Area. We still like the house. Zillow says it is worth more than $1M now. We would not be able to afford it now! We used the equity different ways.   

  • Put me through school – finished up undergrad in accounting at Cal State East Bay
  • Earned an MBA from the University of Sant Clara. 
  • Put both niece and nephew through engineering school.  We paid tuition for 10 years!  She is a civil engineer and he is a mechanical engineer.
  • Bought house for my mother-in-law who wanted to move to Las Vegas. 
  • Bought an independent auto repair shop that we had for about 20 years.
  • Bought a Matco tool franchise – selling tools to auto technicians on route in Santa Clara

The stock options were worth far more to us than my itty-bitty salary at the startup. It changed our lives and those in our family. It provided for:

4 college degrees, 2 homes, and 2 businesses.  

It would be nice if our house was paid off. I’m 72, Curtis is 76.  But we decided these other things were more important. 

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