Can’t you learn almost anything with YouTube? 

I started to bake with a friend, Anne, at the beginning of Covid. We would pick a recipe, be in our separate kitchens, then use our iPhones and iPads to work together. Now we can be in one kitchen.   

Irene Marshall_Tip Call Out -Why do you need a mentor

It has been so much fun! I have done about 80 recipes with Anne, other friends, and by myself.    

Anne has baked for years, I knew nothing. We have done cakes, cookies, candy, pies, biscotti, dessert bread, cake, decorated cookies, Danish pastries, bread, donuts, puddings, flan… you get the idea.  

You can learn a lot through YouTube, Google, or reading. But nothing compares to 1:1 mentoring. 

  1. I can watch while Anne does something and tells me in real-time what she is doing and why.  
  2. She can let me do whatever by myself, and talk me through it. 
  3. She has taught me many “tricks of the trade” and safety.     
  4. When I have a problem baking by myself, we can talk and figure out why.  

Have you ever had a mentor in your professional life who could do these four things with you? 

Have you mentored someone else? There really is no substitute.  

The “icing on the cake” – pun intended – is that Anne and I have become friends! 

Here’s a picture of my second try at a gingerbread house! The roof would not stay on. The icing that was white glue was too thin and made a mess. Someday I will post a fabulous gingerbread house!   

If you are ready for a mentorship program and this is something you might be able to consider, I am a career coach. You can schedule a call with me; there is no charge for a consultation.