One of my clients is a very experienced Executive Assistant. She showed me a job posting from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory near San Francisco that she applied. She was well qualified for the basic role and job duties.  

Irene Marshall_Tip Call Out -Why are you applying for a job you are not qualified for

However, it stated a requirement for a security clearance three separate times.   

  1. Job Title: “Executive Assistant for WPD Director (Active Clearance Required)” 
  2. “Security Clearance: Active DOE Q clearance (or active Top Secret clearance)” was stated in another part of the job posting. 
  3. “This position requires an active Department of Energy (DOE) Q-level clearance or active “Top Secret Clearance” issued by another U.S. government agency at the time of hire.” 

I often encourage people to apply for jobs that might be a stretch. But this is a good example of a requirement that you either have the clearance, or you don’t. 

I told her there would not be a workaround, so she needed to find other opportunities.  

So the question becomes: Is it really “required,” or just part of a wish list? 

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