Have you ever been fortunate to river raft somewhere? I have been to the Grand Canyon three times! 

Irene Marshall_Tip Call Out -Can you go with the flow

One time right before we were going to go through some specific rapids, the guide on my raft said it was safe enough that we could jump in the water and go feet first through the rapids. What!? I got scared and could not get it together that quickly. 

The next time I went, I vowed that I would get past my fear.

It was amazing! I jumped in the water, was not afraid, and had this kinesthetic experience to “go with the flow”. At a certain point, you have no choice. You can’t fight it but just surrender. It was loud, beautiful, and overwhelming, and I experienced the power of the water. 

How does this connect to your jobs and career? 

  • Are you finally in a new job where you can “go with the flow” because you believe in the mission of the organization and are energized by your new co-workers? Savor that. 
  • But If you are in a job that is draining your energy, you have a couple of choices. 

● If you can’t change something, figure out how to just go with the flow.


● Make something else happen. “Energy flows where intention goes.” (Rhonda Bryne)  

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