I have something nice to share. I don’t know why I want to do this, but here goes:

My husband and I have 106 pieces of art displayed in our house, with three more pieces in our backyard. There is more under our bed, behind the couch in the living room, and in some closets. Somehow it doesn’t look like an art gallery. It is just our home.

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It is an unusual and eclectic art collection from:

Africa, Alaska, Southwest U.S., Arizona, Bali, California, Cambodia, China, England, France, Greece, Hawaii, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Mongolia, Scotland, Texas, Thailand, and Vietnam.

This comes from three generations: my grandparents, parents, and the two of us. We have all been fortunate to travel internationally. It is a family collection, and there is a story behind each piece of art.

We have a lot of artist friends, and it is always special to know the artist. We have inherited, been gifted, and purchased ourselves. There are others we don’t remember why we have them or where they are from. We are not artists ourselves.

Why am I sharing this? I don’t know. It’s just part of who I am and what is important to me.

This blue wooden leopard was carved in Mexico, is three feet long, and lives in my bedroom.

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