Have you had a bad experience getting your car repaired? 

Or maybe you know someone else who said they had been ripped off? 

Irene Marshall_Tip Call Out -Do you respect your auto mechanic

My husband and I owned an independent auto repair shop near Stanford University for about 20 years.   

I was never interested in cars, but I married into the family. I just wanted mine to run without any problems.   

But I grew to hate the auto repair industry and was glad to get out. Why?   

It is very hard to run an honest business in an industry that has a bad reputation. It gets old when someone comes in very suspicious with their guard up. And it happened over and over and over again.  

It was frustrating. We had a very nice female customer who was loyal and trusted our work on her car for years with no problems. But one time, she brought her brother to drop off the car. He was very unpleasant and decided he had to protect her from our dishonesty. 

Really? Dealing with that type of attitude for years takes its toll. 

Cars are just hard to repair. Parts can be bad, maybe the diagnosis was wrong, or the mechanic didn’t work up to our standards. But that didn’t mean we were crooks!

We stood behind all of our work. 
  • Find a shop by word of mouth from someone who had a good experience.    
  • Bring your car with the belief that we will do our best as an honest shop. 
  • Please do not assume that we are scam artists, and don’t treat us that way. You are not welcome.
  • Even if the car has an unexpected expense, don’t blame us!  
  • When you find a shop you trust, tell your friends because the business grows through referrals. 

So please treat the service writers, mechanics, bookkeepers, and everyone else respectfully. They are just trying to get your car back on the road!  

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