Does your resume need just the years of your employment at each company? Or does it also need the months? 

If you are applying online, the ATS (applicant tracking system) will probably need the months. 

But your resume itself has 3 options. There are mixed opinions about professional resume writers. 

Irene Marshall -Tip Callout - Months Or Years On Your Resume

ONLY INCLUDE THE YEARS: As a recruiter, I did not care about the months. I just wanted the timeline of the person’s job history. This strategy gives some wiggle room while still telling the truth. This is my preferred strategy unless someone is just starting their career. 

2020 – Present

2017 – 2019

INCLUDE BOTH THE MONTHS AND THE YEARS: This will match what the ATS requires. But this shows the 18-month gap. 

I do not know the beginning and end months of my last job. The company is out of business. I would have to lie about it.

11/15/20 – Present

10/20/17 – 4/20/19 

The gap is a SABBATICAL: Maybe you were sailing around the world on your yacht, or maybe you were looking for a job. You were not on your intended career path. But this is a way to truthfully account for the time. 

2020 – Present

2019 – 2020 Professional Sabbatical 

2017 – 2019

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