Are you camera shy for your online presence?

What about LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Do you have a formal headshot for business in addition to your casual pictures?

Irene Marshall_Tip Call Out -Are you camera shy

One time I noticed something funny for one of my clients. His picture on LinkedIn looked like he was at an event, such as a wedding at a hotel.

He was standing next to a plant that had pointed and skinny leaves. He was positioned in a way, so it looked like he had the plant growing out of one of his ears! Seriously! We both cracked up looking at it!

I have never liked to be in front of a camera. That was true as a child and true as an adult. It makes me feel vulnerable, and I do not always like the way I look. I don’t even like selfies.

Sometimes I have joked – When I die, there will probably be a celebration of life or something. Do you know how a picture can be blown up to a larger size, attached to a backing, and then put on an easel? Someone would be hard-pressed to find a suitable picture of me!

For a business like LinkedIn, you can have a headshot either done professionally or by a friend. It just must have a plain background and clearly show your face. You need to look friendly and professional.

But then enjoy having pictures with your family and friends.

And for my discomfort in front of a camera, I need to “get over it.”

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