Have you heard the expression “GETTING” your act together?” What about “KEEPING” your act together?”   

Is your resume current? This is crucial, but why?   

Irene Marshall_Tip Call Out -  Are you “getting your act together_”

If you are looking for a job, your resume must really state your professional background and qualifications. You are an “active” job seeker. 

But if you are happy at your current job, it is still important. You never know when an unexpected opportunity might emerge. You are a “passive job seeker.”

Is your LinkedIn profile also current? This is also crucial.

I have had clients where the recruiter or hiring manager found them on LinkedIn and reached out. If your profile is not current, you might be passed over. 

Are your resume and LinkedIn profile in sync?

It is easy to get your resume and LinkedIn profile to be out of sync. But pay attention. If a company is doing due diligence on you before extending a job offer, it is a problem if the information is not consistent. 

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