You have to start somewhere to do something new for your career.

But how do you start? What do you really want to do next?

Irene Marshall_Tip Call Out -You have to start somewhere

I know a career coach who wanted to be a paid keynote speaker. His expertise was with career management and job searches.

He knew he had a lot to say. He was not nervous about being in front of an audience. He was a musician and had been performing since he was a child. 

He connected with someone at a local college who was putting together a new program. That person apologized and said she only had a $600 budget for him to speak at an event. Would he be willing to do that?  Yes, of course.

She did not know that he was doing a “happy dance” in his office. It got him started. He is now a respected speaker with fees as high as $5,000.

He never thought that would be possible until he tried.  And $600 was a good place to start! 

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