When should you tell a recruiter or hiring manager about your planned vacation?  

People involved with hiring new employees do not want surprises. Say something like this:  

“I have planned a vacation In Australia for three weeks from (date) to (date). I have already paid for my travel and hotels.  

I would not expect to be paid for that period of time because I would not yet have earned vacation time. 

What can I do between my start date and when I will leave for my vacation? I want to make sure that I can hit the ground running when I return.”  

When should you tell this to the recruiter or hiring manager? It depends. There is no single rule of thumb. Just consider at what point it would be an unexpected surprise. Don’t be shy about this!  It frequently happens during summer or holiday time frames.  

Be sure to get this information and approval in your offer letter. Do not depend on someone’s verbal assurance. If the company really wants you, the vacation will not be an issue.

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