You never know how unexpected family connections might be able to help someone find a new job.

Here’s a crazy story from my own family:

My mother, Eleanor, was in her 80’s. She had a boyfriend named Al who was also in his 80s. They lived in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Al had a daughter who lived in Salt Lake City. She had a lot of contacts because she had been a real estate agent for many years. His son-in-law also knew a lot of people because he grew up in Salt Lake City.

I am a career coach. One of my clients wanted to move to Salt Lake City. She wanted to live closer to her son, so she needed a job and a way to relocate.

I talked with my relatives in Salt Lake City about her. She eventually was able to relocate, but it just did not happen through them.

But here is the unlikely chain of family contacts who might have been able to help!

80-year-old-mother > 80-year-old-boyfriend > boyfriend’s daughter > daughter’s husband

So don’t forget about your extended family!

You might be surprised about some unexpected connections that can make a difference.

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