My answer is “It depends” when someone asks me how long it will take to get a new job.

Here’s what happened with one of my clients:

  • She scheduled an introductory call.
  • Then she had a heart attack!
  • She went on FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) and would not be working for a period of time.
  • We kept her appointment. She was determined that she would get a job before she had to return to her old one.
  • We had two coaching sessions. She was on fire! She was very disciplined and engaged in her job search.
  • Three weeks later, she had a new job!

It doesn’t always go that way. But she was so motivated not to return to the old job that she figured out how to focus on her search.

An employment search is challenging. If you have a job now, it is hard to focus at 9 pm after you have worked a full day and the kids have just gone to bed.

If you are between jobs, it is still hard because it is easy to be distracted. Then it is hard because your employment search is taking longer than you expected.

  • If you have an option, don’t start an active job search until you can focus.
  • Should you set aside some consistent time, like ½ hour each evening? Or maybe you should schedule blocks of time, like Saturday mornings.
  • Don’t forget to have the plan to be available when someone wants to set up an interview.

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