You might be surprised at what you find.

What About YouTube For Research

I was recently interviewed by Fred Coon, with Stewart, Cooper & Coon. For over 28 years, his company has provided employment services for senior executives. He employs Executive Coaches and Career Strategists.

I started my research by reading some of his books.

Then I found him on YouTube! He plays a type of banjo that has been passed through his family for generations. He has created a collection to preserve historical music, and he has performed worldwide.

I am a musician myself so I told him I really enjoyed his music. He was surprised that I looked for him on YouTube. He was really surprised when I said that one of the pictures showed a banjo with many signatures, which meant they all had stories.

It became an easy way to start our conversation through our common ground of loving music.

So don’t forget about YouTube when you are preparing to meet someone.

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