How will that person be able to help you get a job?

I was a recruiter at Robert Half for three years. I learned by working around more experienced recruiters. They knew how to build relationships with both candidates and hiring managers.

Irene Marshall_Tip Call Out - what makes a good recruiter

This is what I did:

I would have learned what I could before I met you. That started by reviewing your resume. I needed to know who you were and about your work experience.

Why should someone hire you? What value would you bring to your next employer? What questions should I ask to understand your future career plans?

I wanted people to know that I had prepared to meet them.

I also looked for something on each resume to just start a conversation and to put people at ease. Everyone was nervous to talk with a recruiter., even when they had a job and just wanted something different.

“You have lived in Italy. Did you go to the Vatican? That is on my bucket list.” Or “You completed four marathons. How did you train?”

A good recruiter knows how to build relationships so that people get jobs and companies hire great candidates.

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