What do you say if you handle different types of work at the same time?

I met an architect with a very diverse background. He had his own architecture firm. But he became very influential in his community through his commitment to the restoration and preservation of some really beautiful historical buildings.

The buildings were important for more than one reason, including attracting tourists who wanted to admire them.

He was a catalyst and got things done through his ability to bring people together who had different objectives about the historic buildings. He was equally comfortable working with government representatives, community groups, local businesses, and individuals.

Also he was a persuasive and knowledgeable advocate. He had credibility because he “knew his stuff” as a talented entrepreneur who could make things happen.

I asked him how he describes the work that he does in his different roles.

BUSINESSMAN (most important), then ARCHITECT, then ENTREPRENEUR (least important)


ARCHITECT (most important), then ENTREPRENEUR, then BUSINESSMAN (least important).


ENTREPRENEUR (most important), then ARCHITECT, then BUSINESSMAN (least important).

He decided he wanted to be known as an ARCHITECT (most important), ENTREPRENEUR, then BUSINESSMAN (least important).

There are multiple variations on this. But we used his response to set up the writing strategy for his resume.

Irene Marshall_Tip Call Out - How do you describe the work you do

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