How can you speak with more authority?

I was promoted to a new job as an Accounting Manager at an early part of my career. I had about 20 people in my department. And I could do the accounting work. But I had never received any training on how to be a good manager.

Then one of my mentors pulled me aside one day to talk. He said that I seemed very nervous whenever I talked with someone on my staff when I needed them to do something. But he said there is a way to fix that.

Irene Marshall_Tip Call Out -Are you tentative when you talk with co-workers on your job

He said I needed to stop using certain types of phrases that made me seem tentative. I would ask people questions about what I needed them to do. I didn’t just directly tell them what they needed to do.

Could you maybe do…….?

Do you think you could……?

Would you do this for me..,,,,?

Perhaps you could……?

Would you mind doing ..…..?

It turned out to be one of the most useful pieces of advice I was given as a new manager. I needed someone to give me specific guidance about how to talk in a more assertive way.

It worked! My skills as a manager did improve, thanks to a smart mentor who took the time to teach me.

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