My mother taught public high school and junior high school for 22 years. There were bells that rang at predictable times during the day to begin or end class. When she retired, she missed those bells because they gave structure to the whole day.

Professional sports figures can also have problems with not having a structured day.

One time I did some coaching in a program for retired professional football players. The NFL has a really bad track record. Pretty soon after they retire with lots of money, many of them are divorced, broke, on drugs – or all three.

I talked with several of them during breaks in the program. They said they still had structured days with high expectations during the off-season. They had to stay in shape, and the only way to do that was to have a defined schedule for when they would be in the gym. But many of them did not know what to do with themselves for the rest of the day.

I have had my business as a resume writer and coach for 20 years. I keep my own calendar. I really like not having structured time because I know how to create that for myself.

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