Why is it important? 

Sometimes people have jobs where their connections with others inside or outside the company are very defined. One of my clients is a Senior Accountant who basically only talks with other Accountants.  

But if you have a job that touches a lot of people in the company, it can be useful on your resume to list who they are. For example: 

I wrote this for an Interior Design Project Manager for a company that builds high-end custom kitchens. 

Irene-Marshall_Tip-Who Do You Work With When You Are At Work

Selected Collaborations: Architects, Designers, Engineers, Executive Team, HOA Representatives, Vendors, General Contractors / Subcontractors, Manufacturers, Sales and Design Staff, Delivery and Installation Crews

He needed to be able to talk with everyone from architects to installation crews. They all “speak” a different language. So this was one way to demonstrate his level of proficiency and experience just by understanding who he collaborates with to get the work done.  

If you are not sure how to talk about your work and who you partner with, schedule a FREE call. We will find a way to position your resume through this writing strategy.