Does it matter?  

Several years ago, I had a remarkable experience. All of the women in the San Francisco area who give manicures and pedicures are Vietnamese. They usually use their Vietnamese names. But sometimes, a woman wants an “American name.”

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I met someone in a salon doing manicures. She had been in this country for a few years. I was very surprised that she came to me privately and asked if I could help her choose an American name. What? Or course!

There were guidelines:      

  • It needed to sound pretty in both English and Vietnamese.  
  • It had to be easy to remember.
  • The written version had to be easy.
  • The meaning behind the name was important in both languages.
  • She had to feel that it was the right one. She would know when we found it!  

I started giving suggestions. Other women in the salon started to listen. Maybe: 


That was it! She knew it was the right one! Everyone clapped and cheered.  

It was an honor to share this process with her that was witnessed by other women.        

Why is this story important? Because names are important in both work and social settings. It is a matter of respect. 

Did you know that LinkedIn can help?  

  • Go to your phone and search for “LinkedIn name pronunciation.” 
  • You will be able to record your name. 
  • Look for the megaphone icon below your headshot.  
  • Click on it, and you will hear yourself say your name!  

I’m a professional resume writer and a coach, and these are the type of things that I help with about my clients. If you would like to talk, there is no charge for consultation. Go to this link, and it will take you to my scheduler.