Someone contacted me, who was a client, in 2009 when I wrote his resume. I unexpectedly heard from him this morning. I am a coach who is also a professional resume writer.

IreneM-BlogGraphic-Tip-You can make a difference in another person’s career!

He said that the last time we talked, I told him that he needed to be at his next job for at least five years. At that point, he had five jobs in six years. So yes, I would have given him that advice.

Turns out he has been with his current company for 14 years, with four different jobs during that time. He was able to move internally to get the career progression he wanted. That was much better than looking for greener pastures at another company.

The only reason he wants to update his resume now is because there have been some layoffs at his company, and he wants to be prepared.

We both laughed!

Somehow, that conversation stuck with him over the years. He took my advice to heart, and I didn’t even know that!

I think we often underestimate the influence we can have on someone’s career by giving straightforward advice at the right time.

I am a career coach who is also a resume writer. If you need some help finding direction for the next steps in your career, we should talk. There is NO CHARGE for a consultation.