Are you afraid to take the next steps in your job search?

I had a client who was totally stressed about whether she had led a seminar or a workshop in her last job. We went around and around about it when writing her resume.

I told her that it didn’t matter. The reader would not give it a moment’s thought. They were close enough in meaning.

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Seminars are more academic and focused on lectures on a specific topic. Workshops are more hands-on as a way to increase skills and knowledge. But they both help people to learn new things as part of a group.

I finally understood her reluctance to just pick one of the words so we could move on and finish her resume.

She was afraid.

Once she signed off on her resume, she would have no excuse for not starting the harder part of her job search – reaching out to people.

It was easier to keep wordsmithing the resume rather than take more steps in her job search.

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