Have you ever accepted a job and then realized you had not thoroughly checked out everything as part of your due diligence?

If you will have a commute, have you driven to the office and back at different times of the day?

IreneM-BlogGraphic-Tip-Have You Ever Accepted A Job And Then Regretted It

When I was a recruiter, one woman did the drive during rush hour traffic. There was an accident, and she was stuck for a long time with no alternate driving options. She declined the offer because she could not afford to be late picking up her kids.

Another client was Indian. He was interviewing for a job that required mid-week visits to clients. I asked if he ate American food or Indian food at home. Indian food, of course. This was my question:

What if he accepted the job and flew to Chicago to meet a client? He would be staying at a Holiday Inn. The food would be quintessential American, such as salad with iceberg lettuce.

What was he going to have for dinner?

He thought about it and then decided not to accept an offer. His decision was based largely on the reality of his food and diet when on the road.

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