If you are unhappy with your current job (or looking for something new), maybe you just need to be in a different type of business environment that suits your personality and your career aspirations. What industries and types of companies interest you? 

Likewise, if you are happy with your work, what do you like and why? 

There are many general ways to characterize businesses, such as: 

Large – Small
Local – national – International
B2B or B2C: business-business or business-to-consumer
Sells products or services

My own career has been very eclectic and has happened through serendipity. But it has given me an unusually broad business background.      

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I am a “Career Professional.” I provide services primarily for individual clients as a professional resume writer and career coach. And I help people get jobs. 

  • Love the work!  
  • Glad to have my own business.     


My husband and I owned an auto repair shop for 20 years. It was a small, independent shop with four technicians.


  • Hard to run an honest business in an industry with a bad reputation. 
  • Don’t like working in an auto shop, even one that was very clean. It is cold in the winter!     


I was a recruiter at Robert Half for 3 years. It was a Fortune 500 company. I worked at a small local office.


  • Loved the industry of helping people get jobs.
  • Not so comfortable in a big corporation. 


We owned a Matco Tool franchise for a couple of years. We sold tools to technicians for doing auto repair.


  • Franchise business model was fine.
  • Hated the automotive industry. 


I sold promotional products to two companies. These are items with logos, such as hats, shirts, and pens.


  • Being a distributor is frustrating. 
  • Didn’t like the industry and products to sell.    


I have never worked in either sector. 

So, separating the type of business model from the type of industry can be an effective way to think about your career history and future plans. 

If you’re dissatisfied with your present job or seeking new opportunities, I’m available for a discussion at no cost. Feel free to access my scheduling link to set up a conversation.