What do you know about feng shui?  How does it connect with your job and career? 

In the Asian tradition it is the study of the flow of energy – mostly between ourselves and our physical surroundings. What are the main principles?  

Is your energy blocked? 

Is it unfocused?

Is it out of balance?

There is a spectrum for feng shui. It can be the foundation for the spiritual aspect of our lives. It can also just be used for interior design. Think about your own life, your career and your job.   

What is blocking the SUCCESS OF YOUR JOB SEARCH?  

What is going on in the rest of your life? Is your mother having surgery?  Is your daughter getting married? Are you trying to sell your house? 

These are all distractions for your job search. Maybe you should just wait until you can be more focused. 

Is your energy for a job search UNFOCUSED? 

Maybe you don’t really know what type of job you want, so you are applying for anything that could possibly be an opportunity. That rarely works. 

Whether you are between jobs or considering making a move — what can you do to get more clarity on the next steps of your career?  Then you can be focused for your search. 

Is your energy for a job search out of balance?  

Are you at your computer every day looking for new job postings? If you are only looking online and not talking with people, then your job search is out of balance. 


When I speak with a potential client, I think about which of these three feng shui components are the most problematic. Then, how can I help to get the energy moving again?  

I don’t tell people that my use of feng shui is one way for me to understand them. But it is baked into how I approach my work. (And now you know…….) 

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