I had a coaching client who had a very successful career with the NFL as a quarterback. He was getting ready to retire and did not know what to do next.

What about working as a sports broadcaster? He didn’t think that would be a good choice.   

One of his core competencies was a thorough understanding about professional football that came from his training and experience.

But he also had a core competency and innate ability to absorb a lot of information, to make decisions that provided the team with clear leadership. But he needed a split second to think about it.

As a sports broadcaster, his understanding of football was a required core competency, of course.  

But he didn’t think it would be a good fit.  He would need to think on his feet and say something engaging for a television audience. That is a different core competency from being a quarterback.     

Because he understood his own areas of competency, he did not spend any time considering jobs as a sport broadcaster.  

Some jobs require more than one competency.

For myself:

  • I am a professional resume writer who knows how to write.   
  • I am a career coach who knows how to coach.
  • I am also a business woman who has built a business over 20 years.

These are three very different core competencies!  And in my industry there are many coaches who don’t write and writers who do not coach. 

It is all about understanding your strengths and looking for roles where your core competencies will be appreciate and utilized.   

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