What is your role in the company? Does your job title match that? Does it match how you perceive yourself? Do other people see you the same way?

One time I had an interesting conversation with an executive about his resume. He worked in construction. His responsibilities had expanded over time. But his title had not been raised and he was not paid more. That was part of why he wanted to leave.

We talked about the differences between being an executive and being a manager.

As an executive, you create a vision and establish both long-term and short-term strategies. You represent the company and you have a leadership role. 

But if you are a manager, you get things done with a hands-on style to implement the business strategies. The executive provides direction, the manager executes it.

My client held the formal title of “Director.”  

We had a funny but insightful, conversation about it.

“You are an executive.”

“No, I am a manager.”

“You are an executive. You are the driving force for some high-level work in the company.”

“No, I am a manager.”

“You are an executive. Your salary is $200,000 per year!”

“No, I am a manager.”  

“You are an executive now but you have not caught up to yourself and who you are today.

This shift has happened gradually over the past several years.”

We agreed to disagree and moved on.

It is all about how we perceive ourselves. Have we grown into who we actually are now – both personally and professionally? 

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