Can You “Let It Go” On Your Resume?

Let it go on your resume

Are you the same person you were back when you got your very first job? Of course you aren’t! Part of the resume writing process is putting earlier work experience into a context that makes sense today. Sometimes, that is hard. We all have emotional connections one way or the other to previous parts of … Continued

How to Update a Resume

How to update your resume

What is the best way to update a resume? I have been a professional resume writer for 16 years, with many clients returning to me multiple times. They are either targeting a new job or keeping their resume current for any unexpected opportunities. So what do I believe are the best (and worse) ways to … Continued

Career Planning for Success

Career Planning

This is a story about what can happen when someone does real career planning. I once met a young man named Jack. He had built a very successful business selling chicken at mall food courts. When he came to me, he already had 47 locations nationwide. It was a pretty remarkable achievement at his young … Continued

What You Don’t See When Looking at Someone on Zoom

Zoom interviews

All of us are getting used to doing much of our work with other people through Zoom meetings. Yes, it is not as good as being together in person, but it is necessary given the current problems with COVID-19. People need to stay home to stay healthy, so teleconferencing is an excellent solution to keep … Continued

3 Reasons Why People Nitpick Their Resumes

Why people nitpick their resumes

Have you ever heard someone described as “nitpicky?” What does it mean? Nitpicky is an informal way to describe someone overly focused on tiny, unimportant details, especially when criticizing something. As a resume writer, I sometimes work with people who nitpick the writing in their resume to death. They always want one more revision or … Continued

How Can CareerOneStop Help You Find a Job or a Career?


Have you been laid off because of COVID-19? Do you know how to get started finding a new job? Whether you are just starting in your career, want to change careers, or are trying to advance in your particular profession, you might feel stuck trying to find useful job search information and recourses online. But … Continued

How Do You Think a Resume Writer Does the Actual Writing?

Resume writer

Do you develop a routine when it comes to your job? Every experienced resume writer discovers a process that works for them to write excellent resumes efficiently. After writing more than 2,000 resumes and other professional documents since 2003, I now have an exact method that works. People get jobs! So, what do I do? … Continued

How to Create “White Space” in Your Resume

white space in your resume

When you think of your resume, does the word “cluttered” come to mind? Over the past 20 years, I have read thousands of resumes, first as a recruiter, now as a professional resume writer and career coach. I can always recognize the ones written by a professional resume writer and those written by individuals without … Continued

How to Use the Pomodoro Technique for your Job Search

Pomodoro technique

It’s easy to get distracted when conducting an active job search. After all, it is hard work and can be very stressful, especially if you are now working from home. There is always something pulling your focus, like a load of laundry or dishes to wash. There are many time management systems to increase productivity … Continued