Competence Leads to Confidence

Competence Leads to Confidence

Are you confident in your professional life that you have a lot to offer your employer? Are you confident that your real skills, knowledge and experience will be of value as you do your job? Everyone has areas where they feel insecure and stressed. That is particularly true when someone is looking for a new … Continued

Three Ways to Evaluate Your Job Situation

Evaluate your job situation

Covid-19 has created a challenging and scary job market. If you lost your job during the crisis, how can you find a new one quickly? Are you secure even if you are currently employed? Who in your circle of co-workers, family and friends is going through a stressful time? One thing that might help is … Continued

Is it Hard to be a Recruiter?

Is it hard to be a recruiter

Have you ever wondered what it is like to work as a recruiter? I was a recruiter for three years at Robert Half, placing people in finance and accounting jobs. I loved the work and found it to be very satisfying. Why? Because I was helping people get new jobs! So, what was stressful about … Continued

Will a Company Hire You for Your Customer Service Skills?

Customer Service Skills

How does a recruiter or hiring manager decide that they should hire you to fill a specific job? They will ask multiple questions on various subjects. But what will be the criteria? Are you actually qualified to do the work? How will you fit into your schedule? Do you believe in the mission of the … Continued

Are You Being Pushed or Pulled Out of Your Job?

Pushed or pulled out of your job

Have you ever wanted to change jobs, but you are not clear on how to actually think about doing this? You don’t want to make a bad decision in your career.  But there are two basic reasons why people usually move on from their current job. They are either being pulled from their job by … Continued

Do You Have an Avocation AND a Vocation?

Avocation and a vocation

When job hunting, what we do in our spare time can be almost as important as what we do at work. Our careers and jobs can take up much of our life, but we always need some way to blow off some steam and enjoy ourselves. Our passions in life can say a lot about … Continued

Who Helped You Get Your Job? Have You Thanked Them?

Who helped you get your job? Have you thanked them?

You have gone through the entire job search process, and now you have your new job! Have you thanked anyone? What if you didn’t get the job? Did you still thank anyone? You would be surprised at how seldom help is acknowledged after a job search. There are many ways someone might have really made … Continued