3 Reasons Why Jobs Are Only Posted for a Couple of Days

Job posting

Have you ever found an interesting online job posting, took a couple of days to respond, and by the time you did, poof, it was gone? Yikes! It can be frustrating! How could that happen that fast? There are a couple of primary reasons why a job posting can disappear quickly: 1) The company might … Continued

The Importance of “Act as If” for a Job Search

The Importance of “Act as If” for a Job Search

Right now, COVID-19 is impacting every part of our economy. Some industries are doing very well; others are just trying to stay afloat. It’s the same situation at home, as child care is currently a significant issue for parents. And nobody knows when this situation might get better. So, as a coach and a resume … Continued

Does Your Personality Match Your Job?

Personality match your job

Many times, a success story involves someone changing careers or finding a new job. But success can also be measured by someone simply making a good career decision in the first place. One time, I was at my dermatologist’s office. I am always curious and regularly ask people how it is that they went into … Continued

Top Two Ways to Focus your Job Search

Focus your job search

If you Google, “how to stay focused on your job search,” you will find lots of different suggestions. It is not a new concept. But you want answers that go beyond the cliché responses. Your lack of motivation and focus can be divided into two categories. Here are two ways to focus your job search: … Continued

Do You “Have Your Act Together” to Start Your Job Search?

Start a job search

Have you ever heard the expression “getting your act together?” Do you know how to get your act together when it comes to starting a job search? It was originally from Hollywood, but the concept can be a useful one for your job search. You need to mentally, emotionally, and physically make a clean break … Continued