What is Your “Legacy of Goodwill?”

Legacy of Goodwill

Nowadays, you hear a lot of talk about building your professional network, particularly through LinkedIn. How do you do it? For that matter, why do you do it? Can your network actually help you get a job? Can you use it to help other people? One time, I was working with a coaching client. During … Continued

Do You Know Why You Should Join a Professional Association? Watch My Video to Find Out 3 Reasons Why They Are Important!

Professional assocations

Every industry has at least one professional association (sometimes more) created by thought leaders to further the profession. Many of them are national or international organizations with local, or even virtual, chapters. I belong to three associations that are primary sources of information to stay current in my work as a writer and coach. The … Continued

Who Are Your 1st Degree Connections on LinkedIn?

Who are your first degree connections on Linkedin

Years ago, networking meant that you would go to conferences and other professional events where you could interact with others in your industry. It made almost everyone uncomfortable and stressed. But now, when you have a digital presence on LinkedIn, you can not only network with people you know from your professional life, but also … Continued

Your Personality Should Be a Good Fit for Your Job

As a resume writer and career coach, I run into many clients who dislike their job, but don’t know why. Sometimes it all has to do with personality.  When Someone’s Personality is Not a Good Fit for the Job I could not do a job that required me to be calm, cool, and collected. I … Continued