What Are Your 20 Accomplishments?

20 accomplishments

Have you ever done an inventory of the accomplishments in your life? An accomplishment is something notable that you have successfully completed. They can be both personal and professional, big and small, be recognized by other people, or just something you know about yourself. Moreover, they can be used to boost your resume and get … Continued

What is the Resume Technique Known as “Stacking?”

Resume Stacking

How many jobs have you had throughout your career? Rather than move from company to company, some people find a fantastic job, and then stick with that company for years afterward. They climb the ranks, getting new positions with progressively greater responsibilities and higher pay. The problem is that, when you put all of those … Continued

Are You Telling the Truth on Both Your Resume and LinkedIn?

Telling the truth on resume

There has been a lot written about people lying on their resumes and LinkedIn profiles, exploring why people lie and what they lie about. Sometimes, however, these lies aren’t actually malicious. Sometimes, resumes and LinkedIn profiles don’t quite match up. Maybe there are only minor discrepancies between them, but these can stand out to a … Continued

Why Don’t You Want to Be “Adept At…?”

Resume Writing - Why you dont want to be recognized for

Does your resume or LinkedIn profile give readers a clear understanding of your background and qualifications for a new job? When writing your professional documents, you want to communicate the information as clearly as possible. Several phrases are often used in resumes and LinkedIn profiles, but are not actually helpful: Adept at… Recognized for… Demonstrated … Continued