LinkedIn Services

LinkedIn Services

Today, LinkedIn is by far the most used professional business networking tool in the world. More than 500 million people use it regularly to find new opportunities, network with other professionals, and advance their career prospects. If you are serious about your career, then you absolutely need to have a polished, effective LinkedIn profile, as well as know how to best make use of the service.

LinkedIn Profiles

In many ways, LinkedIn maps the traditional real-world job search into the digital arena. Before any other step, most companies will look up your LinkedIn profile to see what you have to offer. Even I always look at a prospective client’s LinkedIn profile before picking up the phone to talk!

Your resume is the foundational document used to create your LinkedIn profile, but LinkedIn offers additional capabilities such as posting recommendations from your colleagues or adding a list of speaking engagements you have done. You also have an opportunity to talk about yourself in a professional, but more relaxed, style compared to the formality of a resume.

I have had many clients be “found” by a recruiter or a hiring manager. I have also had many clients apply directly to a job through LinkedIn and get hired. It works both ways.

When working with someone to create an excellent LinkedIn profile, I cannot build it myself as it is against the terms and conditions of the service for you to give me your password. But I can give you written guidance on how to adapt your resume into your LinkedIn profile! I want you to be self-sufficient in the use of this powerful platform.

LinkedIn Coaching

LinkedIn is the place to “see and be seen,” and although it can offer incredible functionality, it is not always intuitive. Continually changing features and layout can make LinkedIn seem very complicated until you fundamentally understand how it works. I receive ongoing training about LinkedIn to stay current with the numerous changes. That is one of the reasons why Linkedin coaching is such a great idea. Once you know how to use the service effectively, you will be better-positioned move forward in your career.

LinkedIn Coaching can include topics like:

  • Why is LinkedIn important?
  • How do you create or edit an existing profile that will get you noticed?
  • How do you keep your privacy but still be active on LinkedIn?
  • How do you effectively give and receive recommendations?
  • How do you state your specific skills and knowledge?
  • How do you apply for jobs posted on LinkedIn?
  • How to build and tap into your professional network?
  • How to use it as you represent your current employer? 

I use my own LinkedIn profile as a teaching tool, through in-office appointments or screen share phone calls. It is always easier to show than to tell!

If you are looking for help putting together your LinkedIn profile, or want some guidance on how to effectively use the service, I invite you to schedule a free consultation call with me today for more information!