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Hi, my name is Irene Marshall! My writing and coaching services will accelerate your job search, help you land your dream job, and support you throughout your career.

I thoroughly understand the hiring process from my years as a recruiter. Over the past 20 years, I have helped thousands of job seekers just like you. I know what employers want as they search for the best candidates!

With four industry certifications for writing and coaching, I can be your partner and coach as we develop a total package of professional documents that will keep you prepared for any opportunity that comes your way.

Are you actively looking for a job now, or are you planning to start?

Do you want to make your job search as quick and painless as possible?

Would you like to increase your salary?

Do interviews make you nervous?

Have you forgotten about your LinkedIn profile?

Do you lack clear career goals?

Are you re-entering the workforce?

Are you in need of a resume?

Are you seeking an internal promotion?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, we should talk!

Click here to book your FREE consultation call today! This consultation will give us an opportunity to determine the best path forward. I offer package and a la carte pricing to ensure we’re aligned with goals and budget in mind.

Whether you need ad hoc coaching to address specific problems or want to set up a coaching subscription to keep things on track, I can partner with you throughout all stages of your career!



Your resume needs to have a targeted strategy as it spotlights your accomplishments, making it clear why you’re the best candidate for the position.

For over 20 years, I have written more than 2,000 resumes and other career documents, along with reviewing thousands more. I have a defined writing approach, and my industry certification for resume writing (CPRW) is an acknowledgment of my skills and knowledge.

“Irene has been an incredible help over the past five years as I have created and updated my resume, professional bio, and LinkedIn profile. She is responsive and collaborative in her approach. I have worked with her on four separate occasions and look forward to her input in the future.”

– N.N., Project Consultant


Creating a stand-out resume is a fantastic place to start, but you’ll also need a compelling cover letter. Your cover letter should complement your resume with a more personal approach, giving employers a taste of why they should be interested in you.

Other important documents that are part of your complete career portfolio can include interview follow-up letters, professional bios, and reference sheets.


LinkedIn is a professional business networking tool with more than 500 million users, making it a key part of your job search. Some people estimate that as many as 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn, so you need to show up!

After 15 years on the platform, I know how to leverage its features for success. Let’s work together to tap into the hidden job market and create a strong profile that attracts recruiters and showcases your personal brand.


A great resume might get you in the door, but without a proper strategy to back it up, it’s a lot like getting a brand-new Mercedes without an engine! One-on-one coaching allows us to hone in on your skills and shine a light on your blind spots.

· What are your strengths?

· How do you find a job when 60% of new jobs are part of the hidden job market?

· How do you ensure you are the last candidate standing to receive a job offer?

· When you get an offer, how do you negotiate for the best possible salary?

I offer a complete package of coaching services that will take you through the decision-making process so that you can take action!


Maybe it’s time for a career switch? From accounting to sales, I am on my fifth career! I know what it’s like to transition and transfer your skills to a new industry. As a CPCC certified career coach, I help you look inward to explore your options. We can brainstorm ideas, assess what you are doing now, and develop a realistic plan of action.


You have a fantastic resume, and you are ready to look for your ideal job. Now what? Armed with my industry certification as an expert in online job searches (CP-OJSRM), I’ll work to put you on the inside track. You need innovative ideas, support, and accountability to help you land your next job offer.


We’ll put together an interview strategy where I’ll teach you how to research, network, and negotiate your salary. I am CEIP certified, so you can rest assured I thoroughly understand the hiring process.

Do you have a gap in employment or a difficult termination on your resume? Let’s talk strategy about turning this challenge into a positive for your personal brand.


It can be challenging to understand how to use LinkedIn. Coaching includes an overview, then guidance on topics such as how to create a profile, how build your professional network, and how to find a job. I have 15 years of experience with LinkedIn, so I know how to make it work for you.


From submitting your resume to starting your first day on the job, you deserve total career support! Let’s talk about your 30/60/90-day plan. How will you make it clear that the company made an excellent decision hiring you? I can’t wait to see how far you’ll go!


There’s nothing that I love more than hearing ‘I got the job!’ Click here to schedule your FREE consultation call! I can’t wait to see how far you’ll go!

“Irene is an invaluable resource and expert resume writer. I first worked with her after six years in the teaching field. At that time, I was ready for a change of career. I only had a vague idea of what else I was interested in, plus no idea about my next steps. Irene was great at helping me figure out not only what I wanted to do, but also how to get there. I know I would not be at my current position without her expertise and guidance!”

– J.B., Administrative Assistant

“Three years ago, Irene Marshall was recommended to me by a friend for resume writing and interview coaching. I would 100% recommend Irene because she not only helps you shine in your application, but also helps you understand the application process from hiring companies’ perspectives. Her guidance and insights have been invaluable for me and I believe they will be for you too.”

– K.C., Manager


“Irene helped me at critical moments in two job searches, three years apart. Her coaching was a key factor in enabling me to land jobs shortly after these moments. With her assistance, I was able to step outside of all the subjective issues I was caught up in, and then objectively evaluate those problems and develop a solid plan for moving forward. It has been invaluable for me to have Irene Marshall as a career coach.”

– C.J., Program Manager