“Resume in a Day”

Do you need a resume right now? Is a recruiter or a hiring manager waiting for it? Time can frequently be of the essence to respond to job opportunities. And sometimes a resume can be “good enough,” while still maintaining very high writing standards.

How does it work?

Schedule a NO-CHARGE consultation to discuss your immediate needs for a resume and to put together a plan.

Upload your resume in .doc or .docx format.

Include a job posting if you are targeting a specific opportunity.

Set an appointment for a screen-share writing session. If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, this can be done in Irene’s office. If you are somewhere else, we can set up a screen-share call.

Hold on to your hat! Our writing session will be focused and intense. Collaborative writing like this is both fun and challenging.

What will you get?

A revised resume that you can continue to work on by yourself.

A good understanding about how your new resume is put together as a master document, because you will have been involved with the writing.

A fast writing process that is quick, but that produces a high-quality document just by working off your current resume.

The benefit of 16 years of Irene’s collaborative writing experience for resumes and other documents.

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“Irene has been an incredible help over the past five years as I have created and updated my resume, professional bio, and LinkedIn profile. She is responsive and collaborative in her approach to working with a client. I have engaged her on four separate occasions and look forward to her input in the future.”
– N.N., Senior Director

Writing Services

From resumes to cover letters and optimizing your LinkedIn profile, I offer several writing services.

Your resume needs to have a targeted strategy as it spotlights your accomplishments, making it clear why you’re the best candidate for the position.

For over 16 years, I have written more than 2,000 resumes and other career documents, along with reviewing thousands more since 1999. I have a very defined collaborative writing process, including use of my proprietary questionnaire. We do two resume drafts, one in-person or screen share appointment, plus professional proofreading.

CPRW: Certified Professional Resume Writer

Cover Letters and More
Creating a stand-out resume is a fantastic place to start. But you’ll also need a compelling cover letter. It should complement your resume with a more personal approach, giving employers a taste of why they should be interested in you.

Other important documents that can be part of your complete career portfolio can include interview follow-up letters, professional fees, and reference sheets.

LinkedIn Profiles
LinkedIn is a professional business networking tool with more than 500 million users, making it a key part of your job search. Some people estimate that as many as 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn, so you need to show up!

After 16 years on the platform, I know how to leverage its features for success. Let’s work together to tap into the hidden job market and create a strong profile that attracts recruiters and showcases your personal brand.

I definitely recommend including coaching about LinkedIn as part of the process of optimizing your profile. It is not a very intuitive platform, and LinkedIn regularly makes changes without announcing them. We will start with getting an overview, and then learn the details about how to use it as you represent your current employer, how to build your professional network, and how to find a job.

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“Three years ago, Irene Marshall was recommended to me by a friend for resume writing and interview coaching. I would 100% recommend Irene because she not only helps you shine in your application, but also helps you understand the application process from hiring companies’ perspectives. Her guidance and insights have been invaluable for me and I believe they will be for you too.”
– K.C., Manager

Coaching Services

A great resume might get you in the door, but without a proper strategy and action plan to back it up, it’s a lot like getting a brand-new Mercedes without an engine! One-on-one coaching allows you to explore your options, get some clarity on what you want to do, and then take the steps for the next part of your career. I offer a complete package of coaching services that will take you through this entire cycle so you can take action.

Exploratory Coaching
Maybe it’s time for a career switch? From accounting > sales > independent auto repair shop owner > automotive franchise owner > recruiter > resume writer / coach, I’m on my sixth career! I know what it’s like to transition and transfer your skills to a new industry.

I can help you assess where you are now, and then guide you to explore your options. We can brainstorm ideas, assess what are doing now, and develop a realist plan of action. You will get more clarity on what you want to do.

My certification of career coach has given me a strong foundation for this work.

CPCC: Certified Professional Career Coach

Job Search Coaching
You have a fantastic resume, and now you are ready to look for your ideal job. Now what? Together we can put together a strategy and an action plan, including the use of LinkedIn.

OJSRM: Certified Professional Online Job Search and Reputation Management

LinkedIn Coaching
It can be challenging to understand how to use LinkedIn because it is not very intuitive. Coaching includes an overview, then guidance on topics such as how to create a profile, how to build your professional network, and how to find a job. I have 16 years of experience with LinkedIn, so I know how to make it work for you.

Interview Coaching
If you already have had interviews that did not turn into job offers, we can assess what happened. Then going forward we can put together a new strategy and action plan that will include researching the company and the interviewers. We can role play to get some practice. Finally, I can help you negotiate your salary.

I have been doing interview coaching for 20 years. I always leverage the training and experience I received as a recruiter. People always tell me that they have more confidence going into an interview.

CEIP: Certified Employment Interview Professional

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“Irene Marshall, MBA has been my career coach for 10 years. I am very thankful for her valuable advice and guidance. I highly recommend her for resume writing, interview preparation, and all related to career coaching. She is very patient, empathetic, professional, organized, and reliable. It has been a great experience to work with her!”
– G.S., Business Consultant, Adjunct Professor, Region Director


My pricing is broken down into three categories: pricing packages that can be customized, plus two separate à la carte services. The latter is ideal if you only need help in a single area, but I offer substantial discounts on the packaged services, so I encourage you to take a look!

“Resume in a Day”

How is “Resume in a Day” billed?
This is an hourly service, so you can decide how much of an investment you want to make in your new resume. Many really can be completed in one day with a single writing session, or broken into two sessions. Others might extend beyond that.

Sometimes it works well for Irene to spend time writing alone for an hour of billable time to get the ball rolling before the live edit call begins.

How much time will we need for a screen share writing session?
It depends… It is hard to predict exactly how much time will be needed for a final resume. It can be handled with a hard-stop budget, after which additional time can be purchased.

You can decide if you want to work clear through until a final document is produced, or you might work for a period of time with Irene, and then finish it off yourself.

Based on Irene’s 16 years of experience writing resumes, you will receive an estimate based on multiple factors.

Billing is based on a professional fee of $249/hour.

Number of years of employment
Number of employers
Number of jobs
Straight career path or new career path
Level of career, from entry-level to C-suite executives
Additional unique circumstances

$149: 30-minute resume critique and strategy (audio only, not screen-share)

$249: 60 minutes of resume writing by screen share.

$374: 90 minutes of resume writing by screen share.

$499: 120 minutes of resume writing by screen share

$999: 1/2 day (four hours) of resume writing by screen share. Work for two hours, take a 30-minute break, work for another 2 hours.

$1,499: Six hours by screen share (work three hours, take a one-hour break, work another 3 hours)

Our Most Popular Packages (based on $199/hour fees)

Irene Marshall Pricing Chart

All packages include professional proofreading services. Pricing packages can be customized for specific needs.

A La Carte (based on $249/hour fees)

Primary Documents
Resume: $500 minimum
Cover Letter / Approach Letter: $249 minimum

Supporting Documents
LinkedIn Profile Optimization: $499 minimum
Professional Bio: $499 minimum
After Interview Thank You Letter: $149 minimum
Reference Page: $99 minimum

Coaching: $249/hour
Career Change
Job Search Strategies
Interview Preparation
Salary Negotiations
Internal Promotions

“Irene helped me at critical moments in two job searches, three years apart. Her coaching was a key factor in enabling me to land jobs shortly after these moments. With her assistance, I was able to step outside of all the subjective issues I was caught up in, and then objectively evaluate those problems and develop a solid plan for moving forward. It has been invaluable for me to have Irene Marshall as a career coach.”
– C.J., Program Manager


There’s nothing that I love more than hearing ‘I got the job!’ Click here to schedule your FREE consultation call! I can’t wait to see how far you’ll go!