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A great resume might get you in the door, but without a proper strategy and action plan to back it up, it’s a lot like getting a brand-new Mercedes without an engine! One-on-one coaching allows you to explore your options, get some clarity on what you want to do, and then take the steps for the next part of your career. I offer a complete package of coaching services that will take you through this entire cycle so you can take action.

Exploratory Coaching

Maybe it’s time for a career switch? From accounting > sales > independent auto repair shop owner > automotive franchise owner > recruiter > resume writer / coach, I’m on my sixth career! I know what it’s like to transition and transfer your skills to a new industry.

I can help you assess where you are now, and then guide you to explore your options. We can brainstorm ideas, assess what are doing now, and develop a realist plan of action. You will get more clarity on what you want to do.

My certification of career coach has given me a strong foundation for this work.

CPCC: Certified Professional Career Coach

Job Search Coaching

You have a fantastic resume, and now you are ready to look for your ideal job. Now what? Together we can put together a strategy and an action plan, including the use of LinkedIn. OJSRM: Certified Professional Online Job Search and Reputation Management

LinkedIn Coaching

It can be challenging to understand how to use LinkedIn because it is not very intuitive. Coaching includes an overview, then guidance on topics such as how to create a profile, how to build your professional network, and how to find a job. I have 16 years of experience with LinkedIn, so I know how to make it work for you.

Interview Coaching

If you already have had interviews that did not turn into job offers, we can assess what happened. Then going forward we can put together a new strategy and action plan that will include researching the company and the interviewers. We can role play to get some practice. Finally, I can help you negotiate your salary. I have been doing interview coaching for 20 years. I always leverage the training and experience I received as a recruiter. People always tell me that they have more confidence going into an interview. CEIP: Certified Employment Interview Professional
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Irene is a detail-oriented manager

Irene is a detail-oriented manager who watches the balance sheet like a hawk without losing sight of the strategic objective.

B.S., Human Resources

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