My pricing is broken down into three categories: pricing packages that can be customized, plus two separate à la carte services. The latter is ideal if you only need help in a single area, but I offer substantial discounts on the packaged services, so I encourage you to take a look!

“Resume in a Day”

How is “Resume in a Day” billed?
This is an hourly service, so you can decide how much of an investment you want to make in your new resume. Many really can be completed in one day with a single writing session, or broken into two sessions. Others might extend beyond that.

Sometimes it works well for Irene to spend time writing alone for an hour of billable time to get the ball rolling before the live edit call begins.

How much time will we need for a screen share writing session?
It depends… It is hard to predict exactly how much time will be needed for a final resume. It can be handled with a hard-stop budget, after which additional time can be purchased.

You can decide if you want to work clear through until a final document is produced, or you might work for a period of time with Irene, and then finish it off yourself.

Based on Irene’s 16 years of experience writing resumes, you will receive an estimate based on multiple factors.

Billing is based on a professional fee of $249/hour.

Number of years of employment
Number of employers
Number of jobs
Straight career path or new career path
Level of career, from entry-level to C-suite executives
Additional unique circumstances

$149: 30-minute resume critique and strategy (audio only, not screen-share)

$249: 60 minutes of resume writing by screen share.

$374: 90 minutes of resume writing by screen share.

$499: 120 minutes of resume writing by screen share

$999: 1/2 day (four hours) of resume writing by screen share. Work for two hours, take a 30-minute break, work for another 2 hours.

$1,499: Six hours by screen share (work three hours, take a one-hour break, work another 3 hours)

Our Most Popular Packages (based on $199/hour fees)

Irene Marshall Pricing Chart

All packages include professional proofreading services. Pricing packages can be customized for specific needs.

A La Carte (based on $249/hour fees)

Primary Documents
Resume: $500 minimum
Cover Letter / Approach Letter: $249 minimum

Supporting Documents
LinkedIn Profile Optimization: $499 minimum
Professional Bio: $499 minimum
After Interview Thank You Letter: $149 minimum
Reference Page: $99 minimum

Coaching: $249/hour
Career Change
Job Search Strategies
Interview Preparation
Salary Negotiations
Internal Promotions

“Irene helped me at critical moments in two job searches, three years apart. Her coaching was a key factor in enabling me to land jobs shortly after these moments. With her assistance, I was able to step outside of all the subjective issues I was caught up in, and then objectively evaluate those problems and develop a solid plan for moving forward. It has been invaluable for me to have Irene Marshall as a career coach.”
– C.J., Program Manager


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