Do you need a resume right now? Is a recruiter or a hiring manager waiting for it? Time can frequently be of the essence to respond to job opportunities. And sometimes a resume can be “good enough,” while still maintaining very high writing standards.

How does it work?

Schedule a NO-CHARGE consultation to discuss your immediate needs for a resume and to put together a plan.

Upload your resume in .doc or .docx format.

Include a job posting if you are targeting a specific opportunity.

Set an appointment for a screen-share writing session. If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, this can be done in Irene’s office. If you are somewhere else, we can set up a screen-share call.

Hold on to your hat! Our writing session will be focused and intense. Collaborative writing like this is both fun and challenging.

What will you get?

A revised resume that you can continue to work on by yourself.

A good understanding about how your new resume is put together as a master document, because you will have been involved with the writing.

A fast writing process that is quick, but that produces a high-quality document just by working off your current resume.

The benefit of 16 years of Irene’s collaborative writing experience for resumes and other documents.

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“Irene has been an incredible help over the past five years as I have created and updated my resume, professional bio, and LinkedIn profile. She is responsive and collaborative in her approach to working with a client. I have engaged her on four separate occasions and look forward to her input in the future.”– N.N., Senior Director