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From resumes to cover letters and optimizing your LinkedIn profile, I offer several writing services.


Your resume needs to have a targeted strategy as it spotlights your accomplishments, making it clear why you’re the best candidate for the position.

Since 1999, I have written more than 2,000 resumes and other career documents, along with reviewing thousands more. I have a very defined collaborative writing process, including use of my proprietary questionnaire. We do two resume drafts, one screen share appointment, plus professional proofreading.

CPRW: Certified Professional Resume Writer 

Cover Letters and More

Creating a stand-out resume is a fantastic place to start. But you’ll also need a compelling cover letter. It should complement your resume with a more personal approach, giving employers a taste of why they should be interested in you.

Other important documents that can be part of your complete career portfolio can include interview follow-up letters, professional bios, and reference sheets. 

LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn is a professional business networking tool with more than 500 million users, making it a key part of your job search. Some people estimate that as many as 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn, so you need to show up!

After 16 years on the platform, I know how to leverage its features for success. Let’s work together to tap into the hidden job market and create a strong profile that attracts recruiters and showcases your personal brand.

I definitely recommend including coaching about LinkedIn as part of the process of optimizing your profile. It is not a very intuitive platform, and LinkedIn regularly makes changes without announcing them. We will start with getting an overview, and then learn the details about how to use it as you represent your current employer, how to build your professional network, and how to find a job.

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An expert’s opinion…

Where does a writer go when it’s time to create copy but you’re too close to the source? Head directly to Irene Marshall when you want an expert’s opinion on your positioning as an executive!

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