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From resumes to cover letters and optimizing your LinkedIn profile, I offer several writing services.


Developing your new resume is as important as the final document. I have reviewed thousands of resumes over more than 20 years. I have written over 2,000 resumes and other career documents using the 6-step collaborative writing process outlined below.

  1. Establish a writing strategy.
  2. Gather content, including responses to my proprietary questionnaire.
  3. Write two resume drafts.
  4. Conduct a Zoom screen-share call so I can teach you how to use the resume as a master document. We will also make sure it positions you correctly.
  5. Integrate comments from a professional proofreader.
  6. Deliver master resume in Word and PDF formats.

CPRW: Certified Professional Resume Writer

Cover Letters and More

In addition to your resume, you might also need a compelling cover letter that gives employers a clear understanding of why you are qualified for the job.

Your complete career portfolio can also include interview follow-up letters, professional bios, and reference sheets.

LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn is a professional business networking tool with more than 830 million users worldwide. Almost all recruiters use LinkedIn to identify potential job candidates, so you need to show up!

After 18 years on the platform, I know how to leverage it for success. We can create a strong profile that showcases your personal strengths.

I recommend including coaching about LinkedIn as part of the process of optimizing your profile. It is not a very intuitive platform, and LinkedIn regularly makes changes without announcing them.

We will start with getting an overview. Then I will coach you on how to use it as you represent your current employer, build your professional network, and find a job.

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