Three years ago, Irene Marshall was recommended to me by a friend for resume writing and interview coaching. She was phenomenal in helping me shape my resume to better showcase my strengths, while also explaining common mistakes people make on their resumes. In my interview coaching sessions, Irene not only provided insights on how to impress interviewers through mock interviews, she also gave several general tips that could be applied to many different jobs. Irene’s most shining qualities are her availability and refreshingly direct way of explaining the strong and weak parts of your professional profile. She teaches you how your resume and interview style reflect who you truly are. She has an engaging and respectful manner of guidance which betters your applications without coming off as condescending. I would 100% recommend Irene for resume and interview coaching because she not only helps you shine in your application, but also helps you understand the application process from hiring companies’ perspectives. Her guidance and insights have been invaluable for me and I believe they will be for you too.