Irene was referred to me by a client of mine who wanted to help me out during a very rough patch professionally. I’m a recruiter and after 20+ years, I was struggling with what to do next and how to go about it. I needed advice just like I’ve been giving out. Irene was very helpful. We tried a few things, both short term and long term, and she was there each step of the way regardless of the outcome of each step. Irene had suggestions, and each time I made some, she not only listened but recommended an approach or a tool to use for each idea. Things are turning positive right now and she really helped. I highly recommend her services; she has all the experience you need. Highly educated, former recruiter, professional resume writer, keynote speaker, and has run her own successful business in the past. Not only should job seekers go see her, but I would suggest companies offer to send valued employees following a layoff. They will benefit and so will you!